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Saadai P, Lee TH, Bautista G, Gonzales KD, Nijagal A, Busch MP, Kim CJ, Romero R, Lee H, Hirose S, Rand L, Miniati D, Farmer DL, MacKenzie TC
Alterations in maternal-fetal cellular trafficking after fetal surgery.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Jun-2012;47(6):1089-94.
Shue EH, Miniati D, Lee H
Advances in prenatal diagnosis and treatment of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
Clinics in perinatology, Jun-2012;39(2):289-300.
Saadai P, Jelin EB, Nijagal A, Schecter SC, Hirose S, MacKenzie TC, Rand L, Goldstein R, Farrell J, Harrison M, Lee H
Long-term outcomes after fetal therapy for congenital high airway obstructive syndrome.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Jun-2012;47(6):1095-100.
Jelin EB, Schecter SC, Gonzales KD, Hirose S, Lee H, Machin GA, Rand L, Feldstein VA
Guide wire assisted catheterization and colored dye injection for vascular mapping of monochorionic twin placentas.
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, 2011;[epublish](55)e2837.
Kurpinski KT, Stephenson JT, Janairo RR, Lee H, Li S
The effect of fiber alignment and heparin coating on cell infiltration into nanofibrous PLLA scaffolds.
Biomaterials, May-2010;31(13):3536-42.  Epub 2010 Feb 1.
Huh NG, Hirose S, Goldstein RB
Prenatal intraabdominal bowel dilation is associated with postnatal gastrointestinal complications in fetuses with gastroschisis.
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, Apr-2010;202(4):396.e1-6.  Epub 2009 Dec 30.
Miniati D, Jelin EB, Ng J, Wu J, Carlson TR, Wu X, Looney MR, Wang RA
Constitutively active endothelial Notch4 causes lung arteriovenous shunts in mice.
American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology, Feb-2010;298(2):L169-77.  Epub 2009 Nov 20.
Jelin E, Hirose S, Rand L, Curran P, Feldstein V, Guevara-Gallardo S, Jelin A, Gonzales K, Goldstein R, Lee H
Perinatal outcome of conservative management versus fetal intervention for twin reversed arterial perfusion sequence with a small acardiac twin.
Fetal diagnosis and therapy, 2010;27(3):138-41.  Epub 2010 Mar 09.
Jancelewicz T, Vu LT, Keller RL, Bratton B, Lee H, Farmer D, Harrison M, Miniati D, Mackenzie T, Hirose S, Nobuhara K
Long-term surgical outcomes in congenital diaphragmatic hernia: observations from a single institution.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Jan-2010;45(1):155-60; discussion 160.
Curran PF, Jelin EB, Rand L, Hirose S, Feldstein VA, Goldstein RB, Lee H
Prenatal steroids for microcystic congenital cystic adenomatoid malformations.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Jan-2010;45(1):145-50.
Harrison MR, Curran PF, Jamshidi R, Christensen D, Bratton BJ, Fechter R, Hirose S
Magnetic mini-mover procedure for pectus excavatum II: initial findings of a Food and Drug Administration-sponsored trial.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Jan-2010;45(1):185-91; discussion 191-2.
Harrison MR
What if?... Why not?
Journal of pediatric surgery, Jan-2010;45(1):1-10.
Mukhtar RA, Baskin LS, Stock PG, Lee H
Long-term survival and renal transplantation in a monozygotic twin with cloacal dysgenesis sequence.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Dec-2009;44(12):e31-3.
Carnaghan H, Jesudason E, Miniati D
Mechanical compression with secondary ischemia as a possible cause of atresias associated with omphalocele.
Journal of pediatric surgery, Dec-2009;44(12):e9-e11.
Desai G, Filly RA, Rand L
Prenatal detection of an extra-adrenal neuroblastoma with hepatic metastases.
Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, Aug-2009;28(8):1085-90.
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